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HumanKind - An End, Once and for All, CD

Digipack CD
Art.Nr.: RO00298
HumanKind - An End, Once and for All, CD
HumanKind - An End, Once and for All, CD
HumanKind - An End, Once and for All, CD
HumanKind - An End, Once and for All, CD
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There's a dark veil wrapping around our souls. Walking through the fog, we try to find the right path each and every day. We struggle and fight with personal
challenges and seemingly easy tasks over and over again. And while the underlying urge to flee and escape from these conflicts is a constant companion, we
learn how to rise and prevail together. Let's talk about this… Formed in 2022, modern metalcore outfit HumanKind pursue the mission of expressing themselves
through music, thereby reaching out to others, inspiring and empowering them to overcome their own limitations together. The five-piece band carry a unique and
vibrant energy which emanates from deep within the members' life experiences. Just like their music. HumanKind's debut album An End, Once and for All tackles
the difficult and all-too-human case of fighting our own psychological struggles. The modern-metalcore album was produced by Christoph Wieczorek (Annisokay,
Sawdust Recordings) and took Samuel (vocals), Maria (guitars), Tobias (guitars), Dominik (bass), and Marco (drums) over one and a half years of invested
passion, time, energy, and hard work. Through this album, the band seeks to offer a silver lining to those who are undergoing mental struggles of all sorts,
assuring them that they're not alone. With its vibrant and startling message, An End, Once and for All is an emotional and compelling journey that aims to
advocate for values like cohesion, trust, and creativity. Combining heartfelt passion with the universal language of music, HumanKind empower their listeners to
start fighting their own demons. Throughout the album, the songs as well as the lyrics appear profound yet comprehensible; intense yet empathetic. With
fast-paced outbursts and contemplative moments of clarity; with heartbreaking confessions and heartfelt messages of support, HumanKind have created an
album that will speak to souls. It is meant to be a ray of hope for anyone faced with depression and all other sorts of mental-health issues and a reminder that
they are not alone and that healing is possible.
Track list:
1.   No Man's Sky
2.   It Comes in Waves
3.   The End of Everything
4.   We Are One
5.   Shadows
6.   Dead Girl Walking
7.   Worst Enemy
8.   Dear Mother
9.   Wastelands
10. Daybreakers



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